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Christmas Present

Title: Christmas Present
Pairing: Kai/D.O, tiny!Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Rating: G when they were little. PG-13 when they grew up lol
Summary: Jongin hated Christmas, but a certain someone with wide eyes and cute face changed his opinion that maybe, it was not that bad.

A/N: i suck at choosing title yay. i love you janet, thank you for putting up with my sucky grammar ;A;
oh and jongin is the only kid in here.
merry Christmas and happy holidays guys~

Jongin hated Christmas.

His parents, Christmas decorations, the tree full of ornaments with one stupid big star on top, boxes of presents under the tree and Santa Claus, Jongin hated them all.

His parents never, ever managed to gather with him together on Christmas. They were currently on the top of their careers so they didn’t have time to go home on 24th. It was pretty much their every excuse with many variations and sugar coating on them, but all Jongin needed to know was whether they could make it or not. And the answer was always no.

He never got any present on Christmas, too. They said Santa would only come to his house if he had become a good boy. He had tried his best to please everyone, he really did, but Santa never came to his house. So he decided that he had enough trying to be a good boy.

Which was why he became an instant brat this year.

“Jongin! Give me back my scarf! It’s a Christmas gift from my mom!” Baekhyun cried as he chased Jongin, which was hard since he was one of the tallest kids in the kindergarten and by being tall it meant Baekhyun couldn’t catch up with him.

“Why would you want to keep this? It's ugly and stupid.” Jongin stopped at his place and held the cream brown scarf high so Baekhyun wouldn’t be able to reach it. The older cried even more and gripped at Jongin’s sleeve to help him jump higher, but it didn’t really do a good of a help.

He tried hitting Jongin on his chest when suddenly, someone equally as tall as Jongin went behind him and snatched the scarf out of his grip.

“What are you doing bullying kids and stuffs?”

Jongin averted his gaze from Baekhyun quickly to the stranger behind him and saw a human-sized chucky doll.

“AAHHHH A LIVING CHUCKY!! DON’T COME NEAR ME!!” he screamed and shoves Baekhyun aside so he could escape from the threatening object. The shorter lost his balance but ‘Chucky’ managed to catch him before he fell. Baekhyun blinked and looked up, their eyes meet. His face felt warm and red started creeping up his face.

‘Chucky’ huffed. “Don’t be so rude. And my name is Chanyeol, not Chucky.” he turned his attention to Baekhyun. “Are you alright? Is anything hurt??” Baekhyun pursed his lips and looked down as he shook his head shyly. Chanyeol grinned. “Good!”

Jongin rolled his eyes and looked around to find another weak kid to annoy when he felt a tug on his shirt. He turned around to see another kid with wide eyes, even bigger than Chanyeol’s, but something about his face screamed ‘cute!’.

He shook his head quickly, startled the shorter and he widened his eyes even more. No! His aim here was to annoy people and make sure they had an equally bad Christmas, not to admire an unknown kid! Besides, this kid looked like another good prey to bully—

“You’re Jongin, right?” he asked, cutting Jongin’s thought. “I know you. You’re the kid that always gets most stars from the teacher.”

“W-what do you want?” Jongin snapped, only half-heartedly because he didn’t expect he would bring up his awards. He used to treasure them so much because they got stars whenever they did nice things, and Jongin thought his stars symbolized that he was getting closer to meet Santa and get his present. He hadn’t gotten any stars this year though, and it was easy to guess why.

“If you’re that nice then why did you do that to Baekhyun?” he asked again. The younger bit his lip.

“Why would you care?” Jongin attempted to slap his hand but it only made his grip tighter.

“I’m Kyungsoo.” he said instead.

Now this kid started to freak him out. “I’m… Jongin?”

Kyungsoo nodded. “There must be a reason why you did that to Baekhyun, right? Did he do an equally bad thing to you?”

Jongin squirmed slightly at the question. “No…”

“Then why?”

Just to get this kid off him, Jongin said to himself. “I want to ruin everyone’s Christmas, now let me go.”

The older raised both of his eyebrows when it clicked and then he moved his hands to hold Jongin’s. Something weird churned on Jongin’s stomach. “Let’s find a seat and talk about it.”

As much as he hated to admit it, Kyungsoo made him feel touched. No one really cared to ask him why he suddenly acted this way and Kyungsoo was the first and only person who did. He found himself obeying the shorter and followed behind him like an obedient puppy. When Kyungsoo found a seat, they sat down at the same time.

“So… why would you want to ruin everyone’s Christmas?” Kyungsoo asked, fiddling with his fluffy white scarf. Jongin eyed it secretly. It looked so pretty. Only if he could get it for his Christmas present…

“I… I never get any presents on Christmas,” he started, and tears already threatening to come out. Saying it on heart and by mouth felt really different. He was used to that fact, but it was his first time speaking it out. “My parents are always busy on Christmas, too. I always spend my time either in a small party at my friend’s house or just with my keeper at home.” he sighed, pausing for a moment. “I thought that maybe, Santa was my only hope. I tried so hard to be nice but he never came to my house,” Jongin didn’t speak out the last part because he was already crying. Kyungsoo took out his light blue handkerchief and handed it to Jongin. The younger sniffed before taking it from Kyungsoo, mumbling a small thank you and then he wiped the tears on his cheeks. Kyungsoo shifted closer to Jongin and patted his back for comfort.

“So you’re assuming that Santa won’t come to your house this Christmas too?” Kyungsoo asked and Jongin nodded silently. “Hm… how about you spend christmas at my house? I don’t know if Santa will come or not, but at least you won’t be lonely on Christmas! My parents and brother are going to be home so it's going to be fun!” he beamed at his brilliant idea.

Jongin hiccupped and turned to him. “Wouldn’t… wouldn’t I be a bother, though?” he asked, unsure with the elder’s idea.

“Of course not, why do you think that? I wouldn’t offer if I think you’re bothering.” he smiled brightly.

“I…” Jongin didn’t finish his sentence as he pulled Kyungsoo into a hug. “Thank you.”

Kyungsoo’s stomach felt weird but he didn’t remember eating something suspicious this morning so he decided to ignore the feeling and he smiled before hugging the younger back. “No problem.”

Days passed by and the 24th came soon after. Jongin went to eat and celebrate Christmas together in Kyungsoo’s house after asking for permission to his parents to sleep over as well. The night went really well and he didn’t realize that it was almost past his sleeping hour so he had to sleep soon. He told Kyungsoo so and the older joined him too.

Kyungsoo had trundle beds and he took the one below. He prepared to go to bed while the older was sitting on his own bed in a fetal position, waiting for Jongin to finish. After he did, Kyungsoo handed him a pillow and a bolster. He then stood up on his bed and tiptoed to switch the light off, then switched on the small lamp on his bedpost. He crawled into his bed and snuggled under the warmth of his blanket.

Jongin almost fell to sleep when Kyungsoo called his name.

“Yes?” he responded, sounding sleepy.

“If Santa came tonight… what do you want for christmas?”

The younger looked up to the ceiling, thinking hard. “I… it doesn’t really matter actually. As long as Santa gives me a present, I will be happy.”

Kyungsoo smiled. “I see.” he patted Jongin’s tummy before closing his eyes for the rest of the night. “Good night, Jongin.”

“Good night, hyung.”

Jongin slept with an oddly warm feeling on his chest.


He woke up to Kyungsoo shaking his body violently. “Jongin, wake up!”

“Mmm—what?” he rubbed his eyes and blinked at the older who looked like he was going to rip his mouth apart from smiling too widely.

“Come downstairs, you have to see something!” Kyungsoo didn’t wait any longer as he took the younger’s hand and pulled him to follow him. Jongin didn’t like being woken up like this, but because it was Kyungsoo, he tolerated it this time.

“What is it?” Jongin asked curiously as Kyungsoo led him to the window. The shorter wiped the condensation with his sleeve and shuffled aside to let Jongin see the outside.

“It's snowing!” he said cheerfully.

Jongin froze as he watched the snowflakes fell slowly from the sky and disappeared onto the pile of white snow on the ground, joining other pieces. He didn’t realize a smile was slowly forming on his face, the brightest one he had in this year.

Kyungsoo’s parents called for them in the background and both turned around to see three presents under the Christmas tree. Kyungsoo’s face lightened up even more and he ran over to them quickly. “Ah, my present!”

Jongin watched Kyungsoo unwrapping his present from afar, his smile didn’t leave his face at all. He was happy to see Kyungsoo happy and yesterday night had been very nice, but he admitted he was kind of feeling jealous. He shouldn’t have been a bad kid this year because who knew if Santa had actually planned to give a present to him this year but held back because he was bad to everyone this year?

He puffed his cheeks and went over to sit next to Kyungsoo, who was busy hugging his new baby seal doll which was sized almost a half of his own body.

“Look! It's cute, isn’t it?” Kyungsoo looked at Jongin and the latter nodded sincerely.

“Yeah, it looks like you.” Jongin grinned. Kyungsoo’s pale cheeks started to turn pink. Did Jongin just imply that he was cute?

“Ah, um, guess what!” he put his doll aside and crawled to get something behind him. Jongin peeked curiously but the doll had a big role of blocking his sight so he gave up and waited until Kyungsoo revealed it. The older turned back to Jongin when he had finished with managing to hide something behind his back.

“What is it?” Jongin asked.

“Ta-da!” Kyungsoo pulled the ‘secret’ out and Jongin faced a bright red box with a green ribbon wrapped around it.

“Um,” Jongin blinked confusedly. “Isn’t it for your brother?” he asked. It confused him even more because Kyungsoo was looking at him funny.

“No, silly. There are three presents. I already opened my present and I only have one brother. The one with yellow ribbon is his present. This is yours.”

Jongin’s eyes bulged, almost as big as Kyungsoo’s. “What? But how…”

“See!” Kyungsoo showed a tag attached to the ribbon, it read ‘To: Jongin’. “Of course this is for you because there is no Jongin in this house but you.”

Kyungsoo put the present on Jongin’s lap and he only stared at it numbly. He didn’t think he have any word to describe his colorful feelings right now.“My present.”

“Your present.” Kyungsoo emphasized happily. “What are you waiting for? Open it!” he beamed. Jongin nodded and sucked in a deep breath before untying the ribbon and ripping the box wrapper apart. He lifted up the lid and found a white scarf; exactly like Kyungsoo’s, the one he wanted. How did Santa know that he wanted this scarf?

“Wah! Now we have matching scarves!” Kyungsoo smiled and Jongin was still staring at the scarf. His present. His first Christmas present and it was exactly what he wanted.

“Yeah…” he smiled, but then he frowned. “I don’t understand though, I do exactly the same thing at my house but Santa never came. Does Santa hate my house?”

Kyungsoo put his doll on his lap and hugged it. “Hm, do you put up Christmas decorations and trees?”

“Of course! I Just said I did!” Jongin pouted.

“Um…” he looked around and his eyes caught something. “Do you have a chimney? Santa comes into our houses from chimneys after all.”

Jongin mouthed an ‘o’. “Oh! No wonder he never came, I don’t have a chimney!” he clapped his hands together. “We usually just use room heater to warm ourselves so we don’t have a chimney,”

“See? So it was probably it! Santa wants to give you a gift but he doesn’t know how to go into your house!” Kyungsoo snapped his fingers.

“Maybe I should ask my parents to put a chimney instead of a room heater then!” Jongin nodded to himself, taking a note to not forget this. The older smiled at him.

“Let me see your scarf!” Kyungsoo said and Jongin handed his gift to him. He leaned in to put the scarf around Jongin’s neck and then leaned back again. “Ah, it looked good on you.” he beamed.

“Really?” Jongin lightened up and Kyungsoo nodded while giving two thumbs up to him. They grinned to each other and then stood up when Kyungsoo’s brother called them for breakfast. Kyungsoo took his hand with him, leading Jongin to join his family on the dining table.

Jongin decided from then that he really, really liked Christmas and Kyungsoo.


“Jongin,” he heard someone calling him, followed by a shake on his shoulder. “Jongin, get your lazy ass up.” he started to sound annoyed and the said name chuckled sleepily.

“Coming, gramps.” he stretched his body and Kyungsoo hit his sides lightly.

“Don’t be lazy, it's time to unwrap the presents!” Kyungsoo stood up from the bed, waiting for Jongin to join him.

“Why are you still excited about gifts after all these years? You know that Santa doesn’t exist,” he yawned while reaching for his pants before putting it on.

“Says someone who cried when he said he never got any present from Santa.”

Kyungsoo managed to dodge just in time when Jongin threw a random thing into his direction. “Shut up.”

The shorter laughed and reached down to pick up the thing Jongin threw earlier. “Isn’t this the scarf from thirteen years ago?”

“Give it back!” Jongin yelped and jumped at Kyungsoo. The older tried to dodge but failed miserably and he ended up tangled on the bed with Jongin, the scarf and his blanket.

“Umf—get off, you’re heavy!” Kyungsoo struggled out, face all red from blushing but Jongin refused to budge.

“Good night.” he faked snores and Kyungsoo hit him on the head.

“Really Jongin, the others are waiting outside. I don’t want to make them wait.” he flicked at Jongin’s forehead.

“I don’t care,” he said stubbornly as he sneaked an arm under the elder’s shirt. He smirked and leaned in when suddenly, Chanyeol barged into their shared room.

“Hurry up and wake up you motherf—SHIT, MY EYES.”


“Problem solved.” Jongin laughed before planting a kiss on Kyungsoo’s lips. The older sighed contently and kissed back softly, and then he pulled apart.



“I admit I had a breakdown when I knew that your parents were actually the ones who gave that to me. On top of it, they gave it to me because they got one free as a bonus from buying one for you,” Jongin faked a sniff.

“You love it we have matching scarves, though.”

Jongin chuckled. “Well, yeah.”

Kyungsoo looked over at the closed door and remembered he was supposed to drag Jongin out of the bed. “Ugh, get up now. Aren’t you curious of what you’ll get this year? I heard Kris is your secret Santa, and you know he always gives the most expensive gift,” he reasoned.

“Nah,” he smiled. “I already have what I want for Christmas.”

“What is it?” the shorter asked curiously.

“He is talking to me right now.”

Kyungsoo blushed and hit him on his chest, but he couldn’t help a smile forming on his face. “Greaseball.”

Tags: genre: fluff, genre: romance, group: exo, pairing: kai/d.o, rating: pg-13
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