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EXO Drabbles

Title: EXO Drabbles
Pairing: Various (kaisoo, baekyeol, lukai)
Rating: PG-13

A/N: I wrote them all at class because I was bored, sobs. And please read the second one while listening to Hope by SM Family!
un beta-ed.

Emoticons – Kai/D.O

“Why did you replace the heart symbol with the word ‘heart’?”

Kyungsoo stopped typing to look up and saw his boyfriend was frowning at the screen. “Emoticons are ugly.”

Jongin snorted. “It’s funny how you dislike it yet your face looks like an emoticon itself.”


First Pairing – Kai/Luhan

‘Hope’ by SM Family was playing on the background, announcing another end of the SMTown Concert. Everyone was busy singing along while walking around to interact with each other and sometimes waved and took things the fans gave to them.

Jongin was walking by himself while clapping along the music, and the next time he was aware with his surrounding, water was being poured onto his body. He blinked and searched around to see the suspect and caught a grinning Luhan was holding an almost empty water bottle on his hand. Jongin looked at his hyung from his head to his toe, and then an idea went across his brain. He shook his head, feigned innocence then tackled Luhan into a hug from his back. The younger grinned. “Gotcha.” then he picked his body up and spun the older around.

“Jong—Kai! Let me go!” Luhan shouted before laughing. “Now I’m wet too!”

Jongin finally put Luhan down after he felt enough without letting him go. He couldn't help a smile forming on his own face. Luhan’s smile was definitely contagious. “Well, you started it.”

Luhan snorted, despite having an identical shit eating grin on his face. “You love me though.”

The main dancer laughed. “Ah. Hyung, remember how we were the only pairing in EXO because they only had just revealed you and me? Everyone shipped us together back then,” he rocked Luhan’s body back and forth, then he scrunched up his face. “Though it didn't last long until they decided to reveal Sehun.”

Luhan gave him a meaningful smile and freed himself. “You have Kyungsoo now, though.”

Jongin chuckled at his statement. “Ah, yeah.”


Passing Letter – Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Sneak sneak.



“Guys can you stop.”



Kyungsoo sighed. “Fine, I don’t care if you get caught not paying attention at the lecture again.”

“You’re just jealous you’re not in the same class as Jongin.” Baekhyun wiggled his eyebrows. Chanyeol tried his best not to crack out loud right there.

“Shut up.”

Baekhyun made a mocking kissy-kissy face as he passed the letter to his boyfriend. Chanyeol bit his lip to prevent himself from laughing then stretched out his arm to reach the paper but he was being cut shortly by a cough.

“Mr. Byun, Mr. Park, hand the paper to me.”

They turned quickly to see annoyed Mr. Kim and the whole class staring at them.

“Both of you, go in front of the class.”

Baekhyun’s eyes widened. “But…”


Both finally obliged and Kyungsoo looked at them as if saying ‘what did I just tell you guys’. The older didn't dare to meet their teacher’s eyes so he looked down while staring at his shoes as if they were the most interesting thing exist, making him bump onto Chanyeol’s back. The taller looked at Baekhyun confusedly and he just pushed him to make him move on, trying to hide his body behind Chanyeol. Not that it did a good job at all.

“What did we agree on when I first step into this class?” Mr. Kim tapped his chalk onto his table. Baekhyun elbowed Chanyeol to answer him but the latter looked just as lost as he was.

“Um, uh,”

“No doing anything unrelated to the class. Now can I see your letter or whatever you wrote down there?”

Baekhyun knew he had no other choice so he handed it with a heavy heart.

“Read it out loud.”

Chanyeol let out involuntary cackle. The teacher shot him a look.

“If you like it that much you can read it for us, Mr. Park.”

Baekhyun facepalmed because Chanyeol didn't look nervous at all. But then again, it was Chanyeol.

The younger scanned at the paper and took a deep breath before clearing out his throat.



‘I’m bored.’

‘Then what am I supposed to do about it?’

‘I don’t know, do something!’

‘………’ oh, should I say period period period or periods or just pause for a moment? Because Baekhyun put a lot of periods in here—“

“Say it whatever way you want, Mr. Park.” the teacher sighed. Chanyeol’s mouth formed an ‘o’ and he nodded.

“Okay! Let me continue, ahem. ’Ohh, I know! Let’s throw jokes! What do you call a shoe made from a banana?’

‘Banana shoe?’

‘No. A slipper.’ HAHA GET IT GUYS? GET IT?

‘………’” some students snort and Chanyeol beamed. Mr. Kim glared as a cue to make him continue.

“’Your turn now!’

‘…I don’t know you.’

‘Ugh, you’re turning like Joonmyun hyung now. Stupid grandpas,’”

From the senior building, Joonmyun sneezed.

Chanyeol continued. “’FINE. But please don’t call me a grandpa. Let me think for a bit.’

‘I’m waiting~’

‘…okay. Somebody said you sounded like an owl.’




‘Wait for it…’”

Some paused before chuckling when they get the joke. Baekhyun grinned proudly at his humor taste.

“’Oh. OH. HAHAHAHA hey we should tell it to Kyungsoo! It’s perfect; he looks like an owl too!’”

The class snickered while turning their attention to Kyungsoo and he wanted nothing now but digging a hole and buried himself in there.

Chanyeol folded the paper again and smiled widely at their teacher. Baekhyun gave him a can-we-go-back-to-our-seats-now-pretty-please look but Mr. Kim ignored him.

“Now go to senior classes and read your letter in front of the class, then ask for a sign from every teacher teaching after that. Don’t go back until you’re finished. Understand?”

Baekhyun felt like weeping.


Tags: genre: fail crack, genre: fluff, pairing: chanyeol/baekhyun, pairing: kai/d.o, pairing: kai/luhan, rating: pg-13
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