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Coming Home

Title: Coming Home
Pairing: Kai/D.O
Rating: PG
Words: 1900+
Prompt: Jongin and Kyungsoo were inseparable until Kyungsoo moved to the US for studies. Jongin swore he would find his beloved if its the last thing he does. What happens when Kyungsoo appears at his doorstep literally after 15 years of separation? Will their love bloom faster than ever?
Warning: Un-betaed

"I'm really sorry Jongin."

The boy ran to reach the figure, every steps becoming harder to take. "No! Hyung! Please don't leave me!" he had shouted. But the figure kept walking, never looking back and Jongin tripped at his feet, left sobbing and alone on the floor. His eyes never left the cold back of his hyung.

He gasped, eyes shot open with a trickle of perspiration dripping down the side of his face as he gripped the sheets with all he had. The air was cold but he felt uncomfortably hot and suddenly it was too hard to breathe.

It was that dream again.

The guy sighed, pressing his palm on his face in attempt to calm himself down. He got up slowly and he hung his head, groaning tiredly. Sometimes in a while, he would get the same nightmare at least five times a month. The day when his hyung left him, choosing to leave his life behind, including Jongin and his love for his studies. Fifteen years had passed since then but his Kyungsoo had never tried to make any contact. Not even once. He was now 25 but oddly enough, Jongin never got over it.

A hot tear was threatening to come out of the corner of his eye. It was silly how his mind and body had turned way more mature, yet his heart was stuck at fifteen years ago.

It started out as a small crush. Kyungsoo lived next door and he went to the same school as Jongin. He thought it was only normal to like his hyung because they hung out and met everyday but as years passed by, he didn't know exactly when but he found himself getting flustered everytime Kyungsoo smiled at him and his stomach would churn uncomfortably whenever Kyungsoo's attention wasn't on his. He already accepted the fact that maybe he did like his hyung more than just best friends. He knew he got signals from Kyungsoo too but it was already too late. And now here he was, stuck with pure, innocent old memories. He had tried, he swore he had. But at every end of the day, with every sins and cigarettes he left behind, his heart would ache for Kyungsoo all over again.

Do Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo. Soo. His hyung. His.

He didn't have any idea how Kyungsoo looked like now. He was only left with a memory of his hyung being taller than he was, with his lovely voice, big eyes, cute button nose and his signature heart-shaped lips that Jongin loved the most. He wondered if he was still the same Kyungsoo he remembered clearly, who would laugh at his attempted jokes even if it wasn't funny or how caring his hyung would turn whenever Jongin got hurt.

I might as well go crazy now, he thought. He needed to drink.

Slowly, he got out of his bed to head to the kitchen with only a pair of shorts on. It was cold but who would give a fuck anyway.

Jongin reached out lazily to open his fridge and decided drinking milk was best if done from the carton because nothing would go into waste--unlike each time he looked at the milk left on the glass pitifully because he wasn't patient enough to wait for the last drop to go into his mouth.

He was breaching for the sixth gulp when he heard his bell rang. He glanced at the clock and sighed at himself, placing the carton back into the fridge. Who else would fucking come at 8 in the morning but his noona? Or maybe Sehun if he wasn't busy sucking faces with Luhan.

With half-opened eyes and a subtle frown on his face, he shuffled lazily to the front door and opened it. "Seriously noona I told you the last time that I don't want to be disturbed at eight in the morning-"


So it wasn't his noona? His eyes were still blurry from sleepiness. "Sehun, I thought you were busy getting your way into Luhan's pants-"

Instead of a smack on the head or something similar, he earned a laugh coming out of the person in front of him. It was melodious. It reminded him of Kyungsoo.

Fuck Jongin and his cute little unrequited crush. Probably more than crush since it lasted for more than fifteen years and still counting.

"You haven't changed at all, have you?" the other started. This time, Jongin tried rubbing the sleepiness away with his palms. He blinked once, twice, and was greeted with a guy shorter than him. His smile was shy and his lips had something about them that was very intriguing to Jongin, which he wasn't sure what, but..

The smaller guy's face fell upon realizing that Jongin didn't give him any reaction. Maybe he shouldn't have come here. Stupid Joonmyun and his ideas, he knew this was a bad idea! Stepping at his doorstep literally after fifteen years without contacting him even once? He knew it wasn't completely his fault; he never got the time to send a letter to Jongin but once he had, he got the news that Jongin's family had moved out somewhere and Kyungsoo didn't know anyone who were still keeping in touch with Jongin. There was only one thing to do now. Abort mission. Abort mission now!

"Um." he rubbed the back of his nape slowly. "I'm sorry. I guess I'll just go and... yeah." he tilted his head to the side lightly, giving a weak gesture to leave.


Oh no. "No, actually, I really need to go-" Kyungsoo turned around, about to leave when a pair of arms suddenly embracing him from behind. The younger pulled him closer into his arms until his back bumped with his chest. He could feel his heart hammering in his chest. Jongin smelt just the same despite the faint cologne he used the night before and suddenly Kyungsoo's face felt warm. The kid Jongin barely even knew how to take care of himself and now Kyungsoo was in the arms of the same boy; his grown version, who looked even more stunning than he was before. He was definitely more handsome and taller than him now, too. He also noticed the prominent muscles Jongin had gained. If Kyungsoo could pick a word to describe Jongin now, it would be perfection, even though he was greeting him with his bedroom hair. Which looked cute on him.

Kyungsoo tried peeking at his back and he jumped slightly as Jongin hung his head, his chin on Kyungsoo's shoulder. A whimper similar to a hurting puppy was heard and Kyungsoo couldn't help but stiffling a soft laugh when he realized he shouldn't be laughing. He tried squirming out of Jongin's grasp only to meet a pair of warm eyes staring into his. Slowly, really slowly, Jongin was closening their distance and the next thing Kyungsoo felt was a pair of lips pressing against his.

The kiss was slow and sweet. It reminded Jongin of a first kiss. Every move of their lips was completely innocent and shy; just like two lovers sharing a kiss for the first time. Jongin turned Kyungsoo around gently before wrapping his arms around his waist. Instictively, Kyungsoo made his way to encircle his arms around Jongin's neck. Jongin tasted like Jongin and morning breath but Kyungsoo missed Jongin too much it hurts.

It was when Kyungsoo desperately needed air in his lungs when they pulled away. Jongin's eyes were still on his lips and his cheeks felt even warmer now.


"Where have you been all this time, hyung?" it sounded like a weak whisper and guilt hit Kyungsoo's stomach all over again, just like every time he remembered Jongin and how he had left him coldly just like that. "I tried so hard to contact you but you were gone just like that, like you erased your existence from the world, heck, hyung, you were my world--"

"I'm really sorry.. I really do." Kyungsoo bit his lip, trying to keep their eye contact even though he felt like crying any time now. "Believe me, I tried too. But things had been hard and just when I had time, it was too late." he shook his head, offering the younger a weak smile. "You're the one I think of once I got the chance to go back to Seoul this summer."

A faint blush bloomed on Jongin's cheeks and he didn't know who to blame for his high school girl reaction. "Uh..."

Kyungsoo chuckled, aware of the blush on the other's cheeks. He moved his hand to cup on Jongin's cheek and caressing it with his thumb. "I missed you so much,
Jongin. You've grown a lot since the last time I saw you."

"Well it was fifteen years ago so of course..." he mumbled, nuzzling Kyungsoo's hand affectionately. "You too. I remember you were taller than me back then. Guess your height is the only thing that hasn't changed." he teased, and it successfully breaking the odd tense atmosphere around them before. Kyungsoo smacked Jongin's chest, followed with a 'shut up!' and Jongin's laughter.

"Seriously though, I'm sorry." Kyungsoo nibbled on his lip nervously. Jongin's eyes softened. "I hope we can start again? I knew you inside out but that was you fifteen years ago. I hadn't got the chance to get to know the present Jongin and I'd really like to know again."

Jongin smiled. "That sounds like a good idea." he planted a peck on his hyung's lips and he secretly enjoyed the tint of red appearing on Kyungsoo's cheeks. "Come on in. It's cold." he gently pulled Kyungsoo in and he noticed two suitcases behind Kyungsoo. He blinked at his hyung who only gave him a sheepish, half shy smile.

"I went straight here as soon as I arrived at the airport. I'm gonna find for a hotel room to book later, I-"

Jongin shut him up with a kiss. "Actually, you can stay here with me."

Kyungsoo blinked. "But I'd be disturbing you-"

"It's okay, Kyungsoo hyung." his name rolled just right in Jongin's tongue and butterflies in his stomach felt too overwhelming all of the sudden. "Please?"

Kyungsoo was never the one to say no to Jongin's request anyway. "Okay." His lips curved to a pretty shape of heart and Jongin did nothing to resist kissing that lips again.

All these years of searching and waiting seemed like nothing compared to the happiness they both shared now. It might feel embarrassing to be in love all over again but they were too busy being in love to care. There would be no more celebrating birthdays alone. No more pain on the future January 13th. No more cold and empty space next to their bed. It was enough. This felt just right. They were home now.


"How did you find my apartement though?" Jongin asked while munching on the spaghetti Kyungsoo just made. It was the best spaghetti he had ever tasted.

"Baekhyun," he made a gesture for Jongin to close his mouth. He had warned him multiple times not to speak when he eat because it was disgusting but Jongin would forget each time and did it again. He sighed. "apparently that little shit knew you and he never told me. It was only when I got the break that he gave me your address."

Jongin blinked. "Baekhyun? Chanyeol's boyfriend?"

"Yeah." the younger clicked his tongue at the mention of his best friend. "They both decided it would be fun watching me suffer with my love so he did."

He snorted. "We should pay them a visit next time. Let's bring along a cat and watch Chanyeol suffer with his allergy."

A/N: ask.fm anon, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to request Kaisoo fluff here.
Tags: genre: fluff, group: exo, pairing: kai/d.o, pairing: ninja!baekyeol, rating: pg
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